Do I need to terminate my current contract?

This is one of the most important processes we need to undertake. Failure to do so can leave you at risk of rolling onto a higher rate short term contract or placed onto increased ‘Out of contract’ rates by your incumbent supplier. The termination needs to be executed in a timely manner and within supplier timescales. Our extensive knowledge of contractual arrangements and obligations enables us to implement terminations accordingly, and provide appropriate written material to aid in the process.

Why should I use Hotel Energy’s award winning services?

As business energy consultants we are the only energy specialists in your industry, who concentrates specifically on the energy issues within hospitality, catering and leisure businesses. This means that our advice and support services are always drawn directly from experience within your industry.

We are a trusted energy partner for our clients, underpinned by the ethos of best practice and procedures within the comprehensive suite of procurement and consultancy services that we provide.

Our clients have acknowledged our high standard of industry energy services and voted for us to become proud winners of the TELCA ‘Small Consultancy of the Year 2014 Award’ for London and South East.

How does Hotel Energy undertake the Tender Negotiation process?

By being very thorough and matching your requirements to the most suited suppliers for choice and delivery. Through our extensive experience working with energy suppliers in the UK and Europe, we know each one of their specialism’s within the energy market. This means that depending on wholesale market conditions, we can deduce which energy supplier can be in a stronger position to deliver a more competitive rate at the time. Hotel Energy tenders energy with the non-customer facing departments of energy suppliers, who have a wider margin of negotiation and the ability to tailor certain aspects of energy contracts to benefit you.

Who would manage our account?

Hotel Energy operates from their main office in Ashford, Kent and a secondary office in the Midlands (a logical base in order to be closer to our clients further north). Without a Telesales Team, our structure is set-up in a way that enables us to provide a sustained and focused day to day contact and support methodology. This is extremely important for us. As such, our account managers have to match our own unique code. You will find us to be fun, vibrant, intelligent and professional. Our basic structure is as follows:-

Working Relationship / Day to Day

  • Account Manager
  • Account Management Support

Key Strategic Issues / Market Insight.

  • Head of Commercial
  • Head of Sales


How are Hotel Energy’s fees paid and are they transparent?

For our procurement services, Hotel Energy fees are paid by a transparent commission structure, payable directly from the successful supplier. We are more than happy for our clients to see this fee. Moreover, we would recommend that any company thinking of using an energy broker checks that such an arrangement is in place with their potential broker. This is to ensure clarity and that fees are being applied accordingly.

What information do I need to provide?

We will be grateful if you are able to provide a recent electricity and gas bill for your site or all sites in your portfolio. It is helpful in the sense that it provides us with key information such as your unique supply references (MPAN and MPRN) and is a good preparatory tool for initial supplier contact. It helps us to cross-reference with your incumbent supplier as part of our process leading to accurate pricing/supply conditions prior to tender negotiation.

Why can’t Hotel Energy provide an online quotation?

Better prices and options can be achieved on a bespoke basis for business. The energy wholesale market fluctuates on a daily basis and these fluctuations can be significant at times. For a sustained commercial energy online offer, energy suppliers would need to build their risk margin into their prices, just in case there is a strong vertical movement – which means higher rates either way. We understand that every business is different and consumes energy differently.  We pride ourselves in being an independent procurement specialist offering bespoke sourced energy solutions for our customers.

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