Hotel Energy Voted Best Small Consultancy in London & South East at TELCA Awards

One of the country’s premier hospitality, catering and leisure energy brokerage and consultancy firms has emerged from a prestigious awards ceremony with a top honour, rewarding its high-quality services and the competitive prices it offers clients. Hotel Energy was hailed as the Best Small Consultancy of the Year for London and the South East at The Energy Live Consultancy Awards (TELCA) sponsored by NPower, cementing its status as one of the foremost energy brokerage companies in the country, and demonstrating exactly how far it has come since its inception as a specialist energy brokerage.

The award was presented to Hotel Energy’s Chris Ashleigh by Darrell Johnson, the SME indirect sales channel head of NPower. Ashleigh said, “We’re thrilled to have been chosen as the Best Small Consultancy for 2014 in London and the South East, especially when the honour is a result of our clients’ votes. Our energy brokerage services have gone from strength to strength in recent years, resulting in us expanding our offering into consultancy and delivering consistent quality for all of our clients, whether we’re conducting an energy audit in a hotel or installing new meters at new restaurant sites.”

He added, “The award from our peers really caps off what has been a fantastic few years for the team here, and we look forward to facilitating more substantial energy savings for hotels, restaurants, and other businesses within the hospitality industry as we approach a critical juncture for energy firms and providers.”

As they expanded their services, Hotel Energy also found that they were reaching clientele from other industries, thanks to word-of-mouth recognition of the highly effective services they provide. After starting out with clients exclusively from the hospitality industry, Hotel Energy now work with businesses in leisure, entertainment, sport and travel, as well as maintaining their status as market leaders for hotels, restaurants and catering.

In a climate of constantly rising energy prices and debate over how to procure the best deals, these figures make for incredible reading, especially for businesses hoping to achieve a similar feat. With unparalleled levels of industry expertise and the highest standard of customer service, Hotel Energy are proving their worth as one of the best small consultancies in the country.

Ashleigh said, “The expansion of our service has been hugely successful and we are now classed as one of the foremost brokerage providers in the UK. We will continue to strive for the most competitive prices and the best customer experience for all of our clients as we move towards the final round of the TELCAs with our eye on the main prize.”

As a result of winning its regional round, Hotel Energy will now be entered into the final of the TELCAs, where it will come up against the other victors from around the country in a bid to become the best small consultancy in the country. The award and picture can be viewed on the website.

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