Referral Partner

Following our success at winning “2014 Energy Consultancy of the Year” for London & the South East, we are now expanding our referral and partner network across the UK in order to widen our offering to business customers, and enable them to obtain our specialist energy services. This is a fabulous opportunity to assist your clients with what can be a demanding and costly side to their business, whilst building an additional revenue stream and enhanced credibility for your business.

We can design the relationship level to suit you and it is a surprisingly easy process! There is little to worry about if you’re not comfortable with sales or if you are perhaps concerned on the operational impact of your business.

Strategic Partners

In order to help us deliver complex services to our clients we have developed important relationships with leading firms in the UK. These firms have been carefully selected and are experts in their fields. We come together in order to deliver solutions and complete large projects to the highest professional standards for our clients. The energy industry has changed significantly over the last few years and there are also a lot of environmental challenges for businesses. Our partners in these areas are invaluable in helping us to execute the project to the full requirements of the client, and within the highest possible standards end to end.

If you are interested in refering business or becoming a strategic partner of Hotel Energy, please fill out the form below:-

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